Nature Watch – you have never seen the Tyrol like this

5 Jun
Nature Watch - you have never seen the Tyrol like this

Nature Watch - you have never seen the Tyrol like this

Not just hearing the marmot’s whistle, but observing the animal itself. Watching the chamois jumping over the rock face. Discovering that, apart from edelweiss and gentian, there are other unique flowers such as the bearded bellflower and the martagon lilly. Experiencing the eagle’s flight in close-up, seeing every feather and at the same time hearing all the important information from an expert – that is Nature Watch: exploring almost untouched scenery in the Tyrolean nature parks, accompanied by trained Nature Watch guides, equipped with binoculars by Swarovski Optik. Nature is a new and intensive experience in a manner hitherto unknown thanks to the new holiday arrangement by Swarovski Optik and the Tirol Tourist Board in cooperation withe the Tyrolean Nature Parks and numerous Nature Watch Hotels.

25 Nature watch hotels provide a unique holiday selection

The Nature Watch idea is unique: environmentally-conscious tourism together with a new and unusual view of nature. Swarovski Optik, the traditional Tyrolean company, is the leader worldwide in the premium segment for telescopic instruments. Swarovski Optik, the tourist land of the Tyrol, the cooperation of Hohe Tauern national park an the Tyrolean nature parks have developed and implemented this new arrangement. 25 hotels already provide Nature Watch guided tours for their guests on selected routes throughout the Tyrol. The holidaymakers are equipped with binoculars by Swarovski Optik in the hotel and they are accompanied by trained Nature Watch guides on their exploration. The new arrangement appeals to a higly versatile clientele – from small nature lovers to extended families, walkers and mountaineers as wall as experienced wildlife observers. Individually arranged routes enable a spectrum of different themes to be seen and experienced. Intensive observation guarantees unforgettable moments.

The Tyrolean Alps – a familiar scene becomes a new world of awareness

Chaffinch, Fringilla coelebs, photo credits: H. Ribis, Grunwalderhof

Chaffinch, fringilla coelebs Photo credits: Hansjörg Ribis Hotel Grünwalderhof

The Alps might have been a popular holiday paradise for centuries, but many of the details and natural peculiarities are still hidden. That is why the Tyrolean mountain world is ideally suitable for the Nature Watch arrangement. In any season and any weather new aspects of nature and the human landscape open up. With precision binoculars by Swarovski Optik it is possible to observe the geology of faraway peaks or life in the nearby pond. All the senses are appealed to in this experience, creativity is awakened and new knowledge is imparted with ease. The hotel’s own Nature Watch guide informs holidaymakers regarding the special features of precision binoculars and accompanies them on their walk. Nature Watch enables one to forget the everyday hustle and bustle, making the familiar Tyrolean mountains into an exciting theme park.

Experiencing and observing nature is the trend

Nature Watch in Winter

Nature Watch in Winter

Binoculars by Swarovski Optik show flora and fauna in different perspectives. They are handy, waterproof and, above all, extremely versatile. They score with their innovative design and optimized ergonomics. Many details hitherto concealed even from nature lovers can thus be discovered.

Experiencing and observing nature is the trend, as witness bird watching, Nature Watch’s „big sister“. Over 60 million enthusiasts worldwide now indulge in this hobby.

If you have never seen an ibex gracefully commanding the mountains from his rocky ledge, then off you go – nature is waiting to be rediscovered.

Anguis fragilis, or slow worm, slow-worm, slowworm, blindworm or blind worm

Anguis fragilis, or slow worm, slow-worm, blind-worm or blind worm

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